Room 702


When Hilton came to us asking for a way to highlight their corporate social responsibility initiatives,  we wanted to find a way to do it that didn’t come off like big company patting themselves on the back. So after some digging, we discovered that the 50th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s bed-on for peace (which happened to take place in room 702 of the Hilton Amsterdam), was coming up and decided to turn this anniversary into an opportunity to talk about the peace initiatives that are still happening within the walls of Hilton (aka Hilton’s CSR programs) .

To do this in an impactful way, we decided to use Room 702s around the globe as the stage to tell the incredible stories of Hilton employees who are walking examples of the peace Hilton is working everyday to bring to the world—starting with a Syrian refugee who goes above and beyond to inspire others and a housekeeper in Orlando that leads the charge of a program that is saving children’s lives in the DR.

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On top of our stories, we also tracked down the photographer of one of the most famous photos of John and Yoko’s bed in and documented his incredible perspective on Room 702’s impact on the world.