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Stella Artois iPhone Parody (Video)

The Stella Artois brand is built upon appreciating life’s simple pleasures and taking the time to live in the present. So when challenged to make this message cut through the clutter of other brands touting the same thing, we decided to tap into culture, specifically, the upcoming iPhone launch, to make our message heard. By rebranding the Stella Artois Chalice as the “Ultimate Connected Device,” we were able to show how the best connections are made over a beer. For this project, I wrote the copy and oversaw production with my partner under direction of our Creative Director.

This campaign got over 5 million views and far surpassed brand benchmarks with a 36% view through rate. Press hits: The Drum , Marketingland, New Digital Point , PR Examples, The Video Suite & WeRSM

And keeping in true apple fashion, we even modeled our teasers off theirs.

Throughout the live event, as every new feature was mentioned, we responded in real time with our Connected Chalice’s very similar features.

After the event, we tapped into the trending conversation around pre-ordering with a recap video that pointed out how there was no wait for our device.

And of the 5 million views and 11.2k comments, I have to say this was my favorite. I’m not a guy but I’ll sure take that raise.

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